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I hope this post helps you narrow down your search for the perfect spot or two for your engagement session location in Waco, Texas. From iconic, historic landmarks to serene parks, each spot promises to frame your love story beautifully. As an engagement and wedding photographer in Waco, I love that the city is small enough to be able to hit 2-3 of these places in a session, making for a very broad range of photos showcasing your love. The city offers a diverse range of settings that will beautifully frame your engagement session. Here’s a curated list of scenic locations perfect for creating stunning portraits.

1. Waco Suspension Bridge:

Begin your engagement session at the Waco Suspension Bridge, where the timeless architecture and scenic Brazos River create a picturesque backdrop for romantic and candid portraits that stand the test of time. This iconic structure is a favorite among many locals and draws attention from plenty of tourists as well.

2. Cameron Park:

Discover the harmonious blend of nature and love at Cameron Park, where Jacob’s Ladder and Miss Nellie’s Pretty Place beckon. Ascend Jacob’s Ladder for panoramic views or capture the magic of your love amidst the 6-acre wildflower preserve at Miss Nellie’s Pretty Place, a stunning spectacle in the spring. There are absolutely too many spots in Cameron Park for photo ops. You could easily spend all day here and never tire of the scenery. Most of the scenic views offered here overlook the Brazos River in all its beauty along the limestone cliffs.

3. Lakeside Park:

Formerly known as Woodway Park, this park offers multiple backdrops for your portraits without having to travel to another area. With multiple hiking and biking trails, the scenery and woods with trails that emerge into fields of wildflowers in the spring. You can find yourselves enjoying a picnic along the Lake Waco side of the park in the grassy lawn that sits next to the beach trail. The lake offers a beautiful backdrop for some romantic shots and maybe even some playful ones as you wade into the water’s edge.

4. Baylor University Campus:

Explore the timeless elegance of Baylor University’s campus, where reflective pools, historic architecture, and manicured gardens create a refined setting for classic and sophisticated engagement portraits.

If you need some help deciding which spot is right for you, or what you’re looking for isn’t listed, give me a shout out or fill out my contact form and I can hop on a short call with you to help! Sometimes the decisions are just too many, getting to know you and your fiance can help me as a wedding photographer know just which spot would be the best suited for you.

5. Magnolia Market at The Silos:

Infuse your Waco engagement session with rustic charm and trendy energy at Magnolia Market, where the market’s unique aesthetic provides a dynamic backdrop for stylish and playful photographs. You could sit and enjoy a cup of Joe at Magnolia Press, relax a bit in any one of the amazing landscaped gardens seating areas or take a stroll over to visit inside the stunning historic chapel on the grounds. Don’t forget to stope and check out the garden and greenhouse. Take a sampling of the Food Truck park there inside the Market grounds as well.

6. Downtown Waco Murals:

Add a vibrant and contemporary touch to your portraits against the backdrop of the “WACO” mural, a street art masterpiece that brings a pop of color and urban vibes to your session. Next you can use the meaningful and artistic backdrop amply named “City with a Soul” mural. There are many more murals all over Downtown Waco including a replica of Vincent Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”.

Here’s a list with addresses:

  1. “You Look Nice Today Wacotown” – 115 N. Seventh St.
  2. “My Greatest Find” and “Keep Going” – On the corner of S. Sixth St. and Jackson Ave.
  3. Dr Pepper Museum Mural – 300 S. Fifth Street
  4. “Feed Your Body, Feed Your Soul” – 720 Franklin Ave.
  5. “Starry Night” – 1000 Columbus Ave. 
  6. Waco Mural – 420 Franklin Ave.
  7. “Greetings from Waco” – Columbus Ave. and Eighth St. 
  8. “City With a Soul” – 501 S. Eight St. 

7. Tonkawa Falls:

If you’re willing to take a short drive, visiting Tonkawa Falls City Park in Crawford, is a must! With it’s grassy lawn and limestone cliffs, the falls nestled in between creates a stunning backdrop for a picnic engagement shoot. Or any portrait opportunity for that matter!

Thank you for reading! I hope this post narrowed down your search for just the perfect location and setting for your engagement session here in Waco. If you need advice or help on how to prepare for your engagement session in Waco, check out the engagement session planning tips here.

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